SLIVERtv XP Event (Clout Contest)

Calling all SLIVER Members! Have you seen our new XP Update? 

3 Streamers and 3 Users with the MOST XP at the end of the month (October 30th) will win exclusive SLIVER Merch, GFUEL Shakers and one will earn a coveted spot in the SLIVER Hall of Fame!

1st Place Winner

SLIVER Bomber Jacket, GFuel Shaker Signed by SLIVER Staff, Entry into the Hall of Fame

2nd Place Winner

SLIVER Jersey, GFuel Shaker Signed by SLIVER Staff

3rd Place Winner

GFuel Shaker Signed by SLIVER Staff

Current Standings

1st Place:
2nd Place: skinnythedon
3rd Place: Dubpace
4th Place: agent
5th Place: JokerOG

1st Place:
2nd Place:
3rd Place: minbun
4th Place: tacnition
5th Place: tajinda

Updated 10/15 @4:15pm (Pacific)

Next Standings Update:

Event Details

  • Streamer Channel XP is counted from ALL of the users XP on their channel.
  • User XP is only counted from ONE channel.
  • XP is gained through normal actions on a stream, but each action is worth a different amount of XP (hint: Subbing).
  • The top 3 streamers with the most XP from all of their users will win.
  • The top 3 users that have gained the most XP on any one channel will win.
  • Only the 1st Place winners will earn a spot in the SLIVER Hall of Fame
  • XP will be counted from 12:00 AM UTC on October 1st to 11:59 PM UTC on October 31st.
  • Only streams on the Theta Network (TFuel earning enabled) will have XP enabled.
  • All streamers are eligible to participate, but will only be earning XP while streaming on TFUEL
  • Any method of artificially raising your XP will be subject to disqualification.
  • Any XP gained from a SLIVER Promotion will not be granted towards a Streamer’s Channel XP.
  • Users are considered anyone who is not a TFuel Partner or Affiliate (Sliver Stars are eligible as a user)
  • TFuel Partners and Affiliates are not eligible for the Users portion of this contest