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SLIVER.tv is a rapidly growing Esports entertainment platform used by millions of gamers a month. Viewers watch streamers play your favorite games, earn coins, and participate in mini-games, giveaways, and trivia to win prizes. SLIVER.tv is also the parent company of Theta, a decentralized video sharing network based on blockchain technology.  SLIVER.tv is a well funded startup backed by Samsung, Sony, Gree, and a number of high profile VC funds.

We hope you will enjoy being a part of our amazing community.
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Watch and Win Free Prizes
Discover New Streamers
Enter HUGE Giveaways


Grow your channel
Reward your viewers
Explore opporitunities

Teams & Brands

Become More Visible
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Watching your favorite games streamed on SLIVER.tv is a great way to win free prizes and engage with a wide variety of streamers from all over the world!

Watch Streams and Win Free Prizes

Watching streams on SLIVER.tv is an amazing way to win free prizes while watching your favorite games. Thanks to our wonderful partners, viewers, and streamers we are able hold giveaways 24/7! There are many ways to win on SLIVER. Make sure to explore SLIVER to find all the ways to win awesome prizes.

Be a Part of a Growing Community

We're all about creating a great experience for everyone who is a part of SLIVER. We have million users on SLIVER each month and have a huge active Discord with over 60,000 members! Our awesome Masters of the Game are live 24/7 and we also have fantastic team of mods that make SLIVER what it is today.

Discover New Streamers

We have over 5 channels running 24/7 featuring your favorite games including Fortnite, CS:GO, CoD, League of Legends, and more! In these channels, our featured partners are keen at interacting with users and creating a great experience for everyone.

Viewer FAQ:

How do I play?

Check out our How to Play Guide to learn how to play on SLIVER and all the ways you can win.

I made more tickets than the winner. Why didn't I win?

At the end of each giveaway, one ticket is chosen to be the winner of each prize. Everyone has at least once ticket in a giveaway has a chance to win!

Why do I commonly receive coins in free giveaway crates?

SLIVER has millions of users each month on the platform. We have noticed dedicated users both old and new have been able to win sweet prizes on SLIVER! You can also save up Theta Tokens to purchase some sweet prizes from our store.

What is Theta?

SLIVER.tv is also the parent company of Theta, a decentralized video sharing network based on blockchain technology. You can learn about Theta Tokens on SLIVER here: Theta Info


Streaming on SLIVER is an amazing opportunity to be a part of an amazing community working to grow together. SLIVER is an amazing platform to help streamers of all sizes find success in creating content!

Grow as a Streamer

Streaming on SLIVER is an excellent way to expand your audience to the SLIVER community. We are always looking for streamers who really enjoy engaging with SLIVER and help create an enjoyable experience for everyone. We also have additional tools including our Giveaway Platform, SLIVER Stars Program, and a variety of opportunities to help our streamers grow.

Reward Your Viewers

Streaming on SLIVER is an excellent way to interact with your viewers. Users earn coins just by watching your streams. We also run giveaways 24/7 on our featured channels. These are great ways for your viewers to win sweet prizes while watching your stream!


We take pride in the many steamers of the SLIVER community find success in their streaming careers. Our Featured Partners and SLIVER Stars streamers are commonly considered to become a part of our sponsorship and partnership opportunities.

Streamer FAQ:

How stream on SLIVER?

Check out our SLIVER Stars Program to learn how to start streaming on SLIVER.

What do I get as a streamer?

Streamers on SLIVER usually tend to notice a viewership boost as well as the opportunity to receive Theta Token donations. Streamers can also utilize resource to help them grow their online presence and explore streaming opportunities.

Where do the viewers come from?

We run giveaways 24/7 on our featured channels. Many members of the SLIVER community all around the world enjoy watching & winning around the clock.

What do other streamers think about SLIVER?

We ran some case studies with a handful of streamers we work with. Check out their results here: SLIVER Streamer Growth Data

Teams & Brands

SLIVER is an amazing platform to promote your product or team. We've been able to deliver amazing results those we have worked with and are looking to continue creating valuable partnerships.

Brand Visibility and Awareness

There are many ways to showcase your brand on SLIVER. Whether it be with our content creators, on a featured channel page, or even as prizes, there are many ways to increase your visibility on SLIVER.

Unique Tools and Platform

We provide a very unique giveaway platform where users can gain more entries by complete social actions as well as simply watching a stream. Our engineers are continuously developing great features to benefit our partners, and we have been able to drive successful campaigns.

Awesome Influencers

We have amazing streamers / influencers of all sizes who are a part of the SLIVER.tv community. We're always looking to create valuable relationships with the streamers, brands, and teams we work with.

Brand FAQ:

Where can I find more info?

Feel free to contact us at partner@sliver.tv. We are looking forward to hearing about your brand / team and how we can work together!