Marbles Mayhem (Powered By WTFast)

Marbles Mayhem!
(Powered by WTFast)

Come join us in a series of 10 races to win a part of the 10,000 TFuel prize pool!

Friday, June 7 @ 1pm-3pm PDT

Learn how to enter below!

How to Enter

1) Download the WTFast Free Trial From SLIVER

Download the free premium trial of WTFast

2) Install and run WTFast

After downloading WTFast, install and run the program.

3) Find a game on WTFast to Play

Use WTFast to find a game that you play then click the 'PLAY' button.

4) Play Your Game and Experience WTFast in Action

Play your game and let WTFast do it's work in optimizing your connection to game servers.

5) Post a screenshot of your stats in the SLIVER Discord

Once WTFast goes to work in optimizing your gaming network performance, you should see some stats about your connection.

Post a screenshot of your WTFast performance in the #marbles-mayhem channel with your SLIVER username in the SLIVER Discord to enter the Marbles Mayhem

Streamer of the Week: fuzzheadjr

There's been tons of positive buzz from users and our MOTG team about fuzzhead this past week. He puts on great interactive streams while also being a great positive role model to the streaming community. We wanted to recognize him for being an awesome person and keeping us entertained during his streams!