Masters of the Game


Favorite Games: Fallout: New Vegas, League of Legends, CS:GO
If you are reading this, then prepare yourself for the memeiest bio of the 21st'd'v'e'mst century. Since a young age, I have played video games. Now, I still play video games but I also have games. SLIVER is and has been an awesome community to be a part of and interacting with all of you in chat makes my life all the more better. If you ask me how my day is, 99.999% of the time I will respond with "TurboTastic;" as for the other .001%, good luck finding out >:)

Favorite Games: Fallout 3/New Vegas, Dark Souls, Mario Kart, Civ 5, CSGO
Visionary, Songwriter, Innovator, Genius, Philosopher, and way too many other great things that I've never been called before. I've been playing video games for as long as I can remember and having the opportunity to work in the industry is a dream come true. Being apart of SLIVER has a been a great experience. This community has impressed me time and time again, and I can't wait to see it grow even more.

Favorite Games: CSGO, Business Tour,Rainbow 6 Siege ,Gunbound, Gunz,
Hello, My name is Senpai. I Noticed You. UwU

Favorite Games: Dota 2, Black Desert Online, PUBG, CS:GO, Fortnite
Hi there, I'm a ghost! Please follow the chat rules and keep it fun!

Favorite Games: Yoshi's Island, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy 9
I make games. I play games. I watch games.

Favorite Games: Siege, Business Tour
nom nom nom

Favorite Games: CS:GO, Runescape Classic, Overwatch, Dance Dance Revolution, Osu!
Self-proclaimed Salt of all trades.
Before joining SLIVER, I developed a diverse skillset working in a variety of positions throughout education, startups, and live events. I started my career in esports through managing the 2015-2016 #1 Collegiate CS:GO Team in North America and started work on an esports program at my university. At, I currently work with all of our wonderful staff, content creators, and community members to create memorable and valuable experiences. I'm looking forward to all that has in store for the future!

Favorite Games: World of Warcraft, Fortnite, CSGO, Rocket League
Dog has been a gamer and entrepreneur his whole life - he became the #1 global World of Warcraft arena player in 2010 and founded his own gaming agency for non-endemic brands which did $300,000+ in revenue through sponsorship influencer deals for brands such as MGM Grand, Zippo, and others over two years. He now works full-time at to engage creative content and partnerships with top brands and teams like Oculus, GFUEL, JINX, NRG, Gen G, and many more.

Favorite Games: Battlefield 1, V and Horizon 4
Meh.. I'm a horse