What is the Refer-A-Friend Program?

Share a SLIVER of joy with your friends! SLIVER rewards our members for spreading the word about SLIVER. Be a part of growing our community to bring more exciting prizes, streamers, and content on SLIVER!

Refer-a-Friend Rules

If you wish to participate in the refer-a-friend program, please take a moment to read the rules here: Refer a Friend Terms of Service.

SLIVER Refer-A-Friend Rewards

For EVERY qualifying referral

1 Referral Crate + Badge for you AND the friend you referred

For EVERY 100 Refer-a-Friend Badges

1 Premium Crate ($10 avg value) – You pick which crate you want! These make great giveaway prizes!
*Up to 10 Premium Crates / Month*

Milestone: 500 Refer-a-Friend Badges

Sliver tee + Custom SLIVER Overlay / Giveaway / Channel URL (YOURNAME.SLIVER.TV)

Milestone: 1,000 Refer-a-Friend Badges

2-hr featured slot streaming on Sliver or Sponsored $50 Gift Card / CS:GO Skin Giveaway

Milestone: 5,000 Refer-a-Friend Badges

Sponsored Sliver Giveaway: $100 Giftcard or CS:GO Knife + $100 in Theta Tokens for you!

Milestone: 10,000 Refer-a-Friend Badges

SLIVER Partner Status: Eligible for sponsored campaigns, opportunities, and featured stream slots

Milestone: 25,000 Refer-a-Friend Badges

Sponsored Sliver Console Giveaway (PS4, Nintendo Switch, XBOX [~$300 Value]) + a console for you!

Milestone: 50,000 Refer-a-Friend Badges

Sponsored Sliver Giveaway
(~$500 Value: You choose the prize! ) + $500 in Theta Token for you

Milestone: 100,000 Refer-a-Friend Badges

Sponsored SLIVER Gaming Laptop / Desktop Giveaway

How to Receive Your Rewards

You can track your number of referrals through how many Refer-a-Friend badges you have claimed / received.

Once you have collected at least 100 Refer-a-Friend badges, you must contact Salt#8049 on Discord.


Where do I get my referral link?

You can access your Referral Link in your user menu on SLIVER.

What do my friends need to do?

All your friends need to do is register for a new account using your referral link.

When will me and my friend receive the crate?

You should both receive the crate instantly once your friend creates a new account using your link.

How many friends can I invite?

The more, the merrier! You can invite all the friends, family members, coworkers, clan mates, online dating matches, class mates, and other acquaintances you know. Who doesn’t want to crack open a cold crate with their friends? However, please be aware that in order to receive the crate, members have to be new to SLIVER.