Grow your stream and online community with!


Here's some sweet perks for being a part of the SLIVER Stars Program!

Channel Spotlight

SLIVER Stars get the tools in their hands to get their channel featured in the Spotlight section!

Custom SLIVER Channel

You'll have your very own channel on SLIVER w/ Twitch chat

Custom Overlay / Alerts

SLIVER Stars get access to custom overlays as well as exclusive alert boxes for TFuel donators and followers.

Receive TFuel

You'll have the ability to receive TFuel donations from your viewers. Stars are also eligible for Bounties!

SLIVER Stars Discord

Join our special channel for exclusive updates, giveaways, and sponsorship opportunities

Path to Partner

Being a SLIVER Star is the first step you need to make to start your path to TFuel partner.

SLIVER Stories

Here's what streamers have said about being a part of the SLIVER streaming community!


"Yeah I've been full time streaming for just over three years now so getting the help from you guys at SLIVER to get over that last little hurdle to partner is amazing and I just want to say thanks again for choosing me."


"SLIVER was one of the best families we have found on Twitch and one of the best things to happen to our Twitch channel. We were on track for Twitch partner in 2018 but sliver really tipped the scales for us to give us that early extra boost."


"During my time with, I have had nothing but an amazing time. Sliver has helped me reach a wider audience and connect with a group of viewers and streamers i wouldn't have the opportunity to otherwise."


"My stream is doing really well, and growing exponentially - all thanks to SLIVER. They keep pushing out new tweaks and updates to help us easily interact with the viewers and it's just a good all around community which I'm happy to have found & be a part of :)"

SLIVER STARS Requirements

What are the requirements to become a part of the SLIVER Stars program?

1) Connect your Twitch

You must connect your Twitch account before applying. This will help set up your very own SLIVER Channel!

2) Be Involved

We are looking for SLIVER Stars who are positive role models in the community. We love seeing familiar names in TFuel streams and Discord!

3) Stream Every Week

We are looking for streamers who are already committed to streaming regularly. Make sure you stream a few hours each week to be eligible.