Mission Statement

Our mission at SLIVER.tv is to create a live-streaming platform with engaging, interactive video content that first and foremost keeps users excited to return and watch our streamers every day.

Streamer Rules

By streaming on this platform, we expect that you will act in good faith to create live, engaging & interactive content.

The following is NOT acceptable from SLIVER streamers (These apply to all streams, chats, and conduct in the SLIVER Discord Server):

  • Hateful Speech
  • Harassment
  • Illegal Activity
  • False Reporting of other Streamers / Users
  • Real World Violence / Harmful or Dangerous Activities
  • Threats
  • Impersonating other people / Assuming authority
  • Nudity or Pornographic content
  • Content meant to abuse or take advantage of the platform
  • Low effort / not in good spirit content

Please note: although we do not enforce our rules on conversations held outside the platform, if any behavior reflects poorly on the SLIVER brand we reserve the right to remove your status as an affiliate or partner.

SLIVER’s Stance on Acceptable Content

SLIVER will review content based on whether the majority of the experience is live, and encourages interaction with the viewers. If content is found to be passive, with little interaction between the viewers and streamers, or clearly intended to be low-effort and take advantage of the platform, it may be subject to punitive action.

A few examples…

  • Streamer XX is watching paint drying on stream. What is SLIVER’s stance?

SLIVER will look at what is the main source of content. Is the streamer live on camera, interacting with the audience? In essence, THAT is the show, not the paint drying. If the streamer is not on camera, barely talking to audience, and the content is quite literally, paint drying, that is considered low effort / not meeting the requirements of live and interactive.

  • What we recommend instead

Paint on stream live in front of your audience. Engage the viewers over what your doing while you talk on-stream.

  • Streamer YY is playing VoD replays on stream. What is SLIVER’s stance?

SLIVER will again ask… what is the main source of content here? Is the stream creating LIVE and interactive content from the replays? Or lazily just showing a highlight reel while they AFK for long periods of time?

  • What we recommend instead

Watch the content with a few other streamers and make ridiculous commentary over the video. Viewers are there for you, and the video becomes just a backdrop.

While these examples are not exhaustive, it starts to become pretty clear what type of content ‘is in good spirit’ of our rules, and what content is not. If you are ever unsure, please contact SLIVER staff to ask in advance.

Breaking the Rules

If you are found in violation of any of the above rules, one or more of these actions may be taken:

  • Warning

A written or verbal notice from staff of rule violation.

  • Channel Deranking / Visibility Removal

Channels with content deemed low effort / not in good spirit will be given less visibility on the platform. In some cases, channels may be unlisted on the platform.

  • Account Suspension

If your account is suspended, you may not access or use SLIVER services, including accessing your account, broadcasting, and chatting. Most violations resulting in a suspension will typically last 1 to 30 days.

  • Role Removal

Partnered and Affiliate streamers who have received multiple warnings or has committed a major violation of our rules may be subject to permanent removal of streamer role and privilege

  • Global Ban 

Your account will be disabled, any TFuel or other items will be removed, and you will no longer be allowed to use SLIVER.tv as a streamer or user.

Streamer FAQ

  • What is low effort / not in good spirit content?

If staff determines that the content you are streaming is not in good spirit for the platform, there are several actions they may take.

  • How do I report a violation of streamer rules?

You can report a streamer by filling out the following form: https://community.sliver.tv/report-a-streamer/

  • How do I appeal a violation of streamer rules?

You can appeal a violation be sending a detailed message regarding your violation to SLIVER Support.

  • If I lose my TFuel Affiliate / Partner status due to inactivity or request to leave, can I regain my privileges?

    You must re-apply and be processed as a new streamer in the system. Exceptions will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Note on the Future

Our blockchain-based video peering technology, the THETA Network, allows us to offer our content creators an entirely brand new source of income they cannot find on other live-streaming platforms with our Fuel Pool. Ultimately we plan to tackle VoD content next and are excited to soon share our vision on how this will fit into the SLIVER.tv platform!

If a topic isn’t covered in these guidelines please message us and ask if it is allowed. Announcements will be made in the case any significant changes are made. After an announcement is made all community members will need to comply regardless of what was previously allowed. If you have any questions about these, feel free to contact us!