Meet the amazing streamers and teams that we feature.


Extraordinary Fortnite player well known for his top tier controller play. Check out his streams for amazing content and game play while being a part of the awesome MFAM community.


Fl0m is an ex-professional CS:GO player that's now a full time streamer! He is currently playing on team Mythic. Check it out his streams on SLIVER!


JasonR is seasoned competitive CS:GO player. CS:GO is still his main game, but he would plays a variety of games. Catch his chair clappin' top tier streams!


I'm a Swede who is an enthusiastic, energetic and hyped streamer! In my 7 year long streaming career I have perfected the art of interacting with the chat, and I'm always trying to deliver good gameplays at the same time. I am constantly trying to help out the viewers over at sliver with their predictionss and also making sure I achieve my objective to win my matches. I found Sliver when they hosted my games 3 times in a row. I love the community, the idea behind the site, all the lovely bots and mods, everything and everyone!


25 years old - German creating english content for the past 10 years. Started with CS 1.6, CS:S and then CS:GO - now also added PUBG to my channels. Through CS:GO streams on Twitch, as I still frequently watch CS:GO. Granting viewers free rewards for watching aswell as spicing the viewing experience up with being able to make predictions and win.


Greetings! I'm Dubpace or "Dub" for short. I am a classically-trained trombonist that is currently making great use of my music degree by streaming video games online. Every day I apply the elements of effective practice that I learned from my music studies to becoming a better gamer. I am currently 26 years young, love all types of games, but I specialize in first/third-person shooters. For the past 10 months I've been focusing my efforts on Fortnite, and I'm currently ranked top 200 in the world for PC solo wins. I very recently discovered, and it is a terrific platform and community. Nothing is better than hitting the llama bell with SLIVER chat!


Martin is a 26 year old Swede, who's been streaming multiple games on a high level. Streaming on sliver has probably been the highlight of my streaming career. Interacting with the community and having lots of people cheer me on as I fall to my death is simply amazing 🙂


Fixter is a Swedish professional Fortnite player referred to as pewdiepie’s lost brother on Sliver. Fixter is most often not taking things to serious while playing public solos and trying to interact as much as he can with his chat. Reading chat causes him to choke, at least that is his excuse when he dies. He plays this game as a fulltime job and says that sharing this experience with everyone watching is truly amazing.
“Just bet the opposite to what Fixter say, ez v-bucks” - Sliver fan


I'm just a 30 year old husband, father, gamer and entertainer! I grew up playing video games from the age of 2, and never in a million years would I have thought that I could play video games online for so many wonderful people. Day in and day out I learn something new, meet new people, and hopefully put some smiles on some faces! The SLIVER community has been so warm and welcoming, not only the SLIVERBOTs, but also the viewers! The ability to take watching streamers to a whole new level with wagers on outcomes is just.. FANTASTIC! I am so thankful for the opportunity to put on a show for all of you wonderful people, let's have some fun!.


While the competitive fire still burns inside of her, entertaining her loyal fanbase almost daily with hours of gameplay, she has become a fixture on Twitch. Overall, Melania is a woman of many talents. Competing, streaming, designing and presenting. My friends and stream team colleagues were featured partners and they spoke highly of it. I love how Sliver gives another dimension to the interaction on stream.


I am a CS:GO streamer. I LOVE to engage with my viewers. I'm a very competitive minded player but I also try to provide people as much fun as possible alongside my gameplay. My boyfriend tenzki found the site and introduced me to it and I was instantly intrigued. I love the new people I can meet and seeing them having fun on the site!


Ceice is a 18 year old Battle Royale player, starting from the depth of H1Z1 continuing into Fortnite as a professional player. I stream everyday broadcasting to my community my experiences through these games as I grow as a streamer and as a player. SLIVER has opened an enormous amount of doors for me that I will be forever thankful for in help kick starting my streaming career.


Internationally recognized as the #1 Bearded Female Streamer, Yosoykush lives by the three D's. Doinks, Dinners, and drinks. Found SLIVER when of my friends was featured during the surge on a Friday, and that turned me onto the site. I like the interaction that the streamers can have directly with the viewers, as that is the reason that I stream, to interact with the viewers on SLIVER.


Hey we are a couple of Canadians who love to play games together! We started streaming on this channel just over 2 years ago and fell in love with interacting and building friendships with new people! We found Sliver through another Sliver streamer and were so excited to learn more about it! The sliver community is fun and so interactive it makes playing even that much better!


British former CS pro that has been playing the game for over 15 years! Watch as he now struggles to get over 10 kills in a single game. Discovered SLIVER from other CS SLIVER streamers, and the fun and friendly staff and mods make the streams more fun to watch while giving back to the community.


I'm a 24 year old ex-competitive CSGO player from the UK turned variety streamer. You will mostly be seeing me on SLIVER for League of Legends but you'll also catch me playing CSGO, Fortnite and a variety of single player games. I always try to be as interactive with chat as possible while providing "good" (up for debate) quality gameplay. I've been streaming for over 3 years now and will hopefully continue on for many more!


Hi my name is Darren and i'm a 30 year old streamer from Newcastle in the United Kingdom, I've played video games all my life and I currently am a professional PUBG player looking for a new organisation to represent. I started streaming about 3 years ago on and off but now i'm full time and stream every day. My friend fl0m is also a partner and I learned about SLIVER from himself. I like the prediction system to use coins on certain situations that happens within the game of who you are watching, also owning a crate of my own is pretty awesome.


Former Hearthstone streamer who fell inlove with FPS. People like to watch me because Im funny and do wierd faces 😀 Found SLIVER through friends who streamed for them. That is opens up a bigger window to meet more people who love gaming as much as I do.


Hey over there, a airdrop .... LuL just joking, this is my Profile 🙂 Im a german gamer that plays much shooter Games and stay for about 5 Years on livestreaming. Hope you enjoy my streams and have much fun. Never forget the HYPE IS REAL My Games: CSGO, Fortnite, PubG & New Games. i have a oculus rift and i see that the esl majors in csgo was streamed in 360* on The idea of predicting on streamer games and have fun with the sliver community at every game. The moment where you are on 1v1 at the end of a match and everyone is spamming the chat, THATS THE HYPE I LOVE!


Streaming to the world, to show everyone that if a guy with no hands can do it, then nothing is stopping them from doing it too! It's not about being the best at the game, it's about being the guy in the room having the most fun! That's all it takes to inspire and motivate people! I am honoured to say Sliver found me, and it's been a great ride ever since! I love the fun they have as a community on Sliver, and how supportive the sliverinos are of all the streamers, even though we all have very different styles!


Hi! My name is Blender and I'm an up and coming youtuber and streamer for League of Legends. I'm currently a low Diamond Jungler and have an account that has every available skin in the game! I always open the new loot boxes the day they come out so if you have any questions about the new loot in the game feel free to ask me when I am streaming. I'm also an extremely high level in the game and had over 2100+ ranked games in season 8. I am really excited to be a part of Sliver and this great community!


Hey guys I’m MacAttack1911 or Mac for short. I have been streaming for just over a year, and love every minute of it! Nothing beats hanging and chatting with the community. Got a question just ask! You will mostly catch me streaming League of Legends but I do dabble in FPS sometimes. I found Sliver from a buddies panels, I joined their discord and started interacting with the community, the rest is history.


I’m RicanTheBarbarian (Name inspired from Conan The Barbarian) I’m a from South Bronx, NY and now live in Texas. I was in Field Artillery when I was in the Marine corps. 2008-2012. I’m a man of little words and prefer to use big actions, which is also from what I derive my name from. I intend to conquer, smash and decimate whatever I put my sights on. Intensity and Ferocity is my forte. Though with that being said, I’m really laid back and prefer to entertain people by making them laugh away their problems. I’m 5’6 with a giant of a heart.


I'm Josh, aka the Taco King. I have been gaming since I was 10 years old. I originally got competitive in Gears of War for xbox and transitioned to a computer later on. I currently can be found streaming/playing League of Legends and CSGO with the boyos. My main goal is to get the viewers laughing, show off some quality game play, and meet a lot of new friends, which Sliver has helped me do!


I'm 25 years old, and have been a streamer for 3+ years now! Love building a community and making connections with people from all over the world. I got emailed first by Kyle about sliver and if I'd like to be featured when I was a CSGO streamer. 🙂 I enjoy Sliver because I get to interact with an audience I might not have been able to before.


CSGO Caster who also has a little talent in the game, Also a beast at Fortnite, won 1 out of 175 solo games. I found out about sliver surge on my channel on December 1st 2017. The ability to reach some many people and countries around the world with one website


I'm just an all around lover of video games and talking to people, so what better way to do that then stream and interact with everyone on I play Fortnite, CS:GO and PUBG along with over 150 games on steam. I found out about SLIVER from YoSoyKush, and I love SLIVER as a community because its not only a place to have fun and win free prizes, but its a family when you see the same people every day!

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