Start Your Quest to TFuel Partner!


  • Receive TFuel Donations
  • Access to SLIVER Streamer Tools
  • Bounty Rewards

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TFuel Affiliate

  • Become a TFuel Streamer
  • Unlock Subscriptions
  • Earn TFuel Pool from Viewers
  • Host Sponsored Events
  • USD Cashout

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TFuel Partner

  • Exclusive Streamer Merchandise
  • Orange Partner Checkmark
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Increased Sub Revenue

What Benefits Do I Get From Each Streamer Role?

Feature SLIVER Stars  TFuel Affiliate TFuel Partner
Verified Channel Badge No No Orange Verified Checkmark
Subscriber Split No 50/50 60/40
TFuel Pool No Yes Yes
Donations TFuel TFuel + Credit Card TFuel + Credit Card
USD Cashout No Yes ($100 threshold) Yes ($100 threshold)
Withdrawal to crypto wallet No Yes Yes
Sponsored Prizes No Yes Yes (additional prize budget for partners)
Streamer Merch No No Yes (25% to streamer)
Bounty Rewards Yes Yes Yes
Custom Invite Link / Overlay Yes Yes Yes