Streaming on SLIVER

SLIVER provides a wide variety of ways for content creators to become a part of the community. We provide opportunities for creators of all sizes to be a part of the community and continue to grow their channels.

This page will give a brief overview of the different streamer programs that currently exist on SLIVER.

Streamer Roles


Looking to grow your Twitch channel with SLIVER? SLIVER Stars is the starting point of any streamer looking to get involved with streaming on Being a SLIVER Stars comes with opportunities to get featured on SLIVER and explore other SLIVER streaming opportunities

Requirements: Must have ran a SLIVER Giveaway, have at least 100 followers on your preferred streaming platform, streamed 30 hours in the past 30 days.

How to Apply: Read through the 'SLIVER Stars' page and find the application at the bottom of the page.

TFuel Streamers

Want to be a part one of the select few content creators to become a TFuel streamer? Each month we choose an exclusive selection of streamers and grant them the opportunity to stream to our new blockchain technology. They are able to earn TFUEL for every viewer that watches them.

Requirements: Click the 'Learn More' button for more info.

How to Apply: Click the 'Learn More' button for more info. 

SLIVER Featured Partner

Looking to be a regular face on SLIVER featured channels? SLIVER Featured Partner Streamers have the ability to have featured slots on SLIVER main channels. These streamers have problem to have a strong positive impact on the SLIVER community.

Requirements: Must have made significant contributions to the SLIVERtv community and platform. Meet Partner Streamer Criteria requirements. Must stream for at least 10 featured hours a month.

How to Apply: APPLY HERE  You must have already been a part of the SLIVER Stars program and have experience with SLIVER mod tools before applying.

SLIVER Streamer Programs

SLIVER Spotlight

The Spotlight is an opportunity for YOU to have YOUR SLIVER channel featured on During the Spotlight, you have the tools to make your own predictions with your content to create engaging experiences for your viewers!

Requirements: Must be a SLIVER Star or Partner.

How to Apply: Click the 'SLIVER Spotlight' button for more info.

SLIVER Streamer Benefits


Feature SLIVER Stars SLIVER Partner TFuel Streamer
Featured Slots Via Spotlight and random selection Access to Channel Featured Schedule Access to Theta Streamer Schedule
Twitch Channel Embed Yes Yes Optional
Additional Promotion Partnered Streamer Community Page Theta Streamer Promotion
Predictions (Mod Tool) Yes, once accepted to SLIVER Spotlight Yes Yes
Top Nav Bar Placement Yes, if featured on Spotlight Yes, if featured on Spotlight Yes, whenever live
Sponsored Prizes Yes, when featured Yes, when featured Yes, when live
Bounties Yes Yes Yes
Customer Service General / Discord Support Priority Priority
Custom Invite / Overlay Yes Yes Yes
Verified Channel Badge Yes Yes Yes
TFuel Donations Yes Yes Yes
Payout Timeframe N/A N/A 30 Days
Payout Fees N/A N/A Covered by SLIVER
Minimum Payout Treshold N/A N/A $100 USD

Partner Payout Info

During SLIVER Partner / THETA Partner on boarding, streamers will be sent an invite to sign up to “Tipalti” - this is the company we work with that pays out TFuel donations into real dollars.

On the 1st of each month (or first business day following the 1st) all SLIVER Partners and Theta Partners will have their TFuel balances withdrawn. These balances will be logged in $USD values at the average closing price for the month in which they were earned.

Once this $USD value meets or exceeds the minimum threshold ($50 for Theta Partners; $100 USD for SLIVER Partners) that Partner will be paid via Tipalti. If Partners want to spend their TFuel, they must do so before the 1st of each month.

Partners can check their $USD balances by sending an email to