Additional Subscriber Revenue

TFuel partners will receive 60% of all subscriber revenue (50% otherwise). Have your content supported by having viewers subscribe to your channel.

Streamer Merch

Have your merch in the SLIVER store for your fans to pickup your merch using the TFuel they earned from watching your stream. TFuel Partners will receive 25% of the sale price.

Potential Sponsorship Opporitunities

We are always looking to connect our top streamers to the brands, teams, and organizations we work with. Being a TFuel Partner is a great way to be introduced to more opportunities!

Requirements To Apply:
-12 unique broadcast days [in last 30 days]
-100,000 TFuel in Donations [in total]
-TFuel Affiliate for at least 30 days
Recommendations To Apply:
-11,000 unique viewers [in last 30 days]
-70 unique chatters / day [average in last 30 days]
-50 hours broadcast [in last 30 days]

*This requirement will be changing as we continue to grow